What are the Benefits of Choosing an LED Message Board? 

October 28, 2016 LED Message Board

LED message boards have revolutionised visual communications. These message boards are computerised communication devices that make use of electronics in projecting visuals. Today, there are numerous types of LED message boards available in the market that can support different formats and varying intervals. Businesses and organisations use these boards to convey messages and graphic designs. If you are still not utilising this state of the art technology, you are definitely missing a lot!    

Still unconvinced?

Here are some of the benefits you can get from choosing an LED message board:

More signage options

With LED message boards you have numerous choices on how to convey your signage. Do you want it to light up independently, flash, or fade? Do you want to use a single colour or different colours? Do you want it move horizontally or vertically? The options are unbelievable! You have the power to choose which LED display is suitable for your vision and purpose. LED displays afford a great deal of flexibility and versatility that neon and fluorescent lights lack browse around here.

Because LED displays consist of multiple and separate lights, they are easily programmed, resulting to limitless ways for displaying attention-grabbing signage. Moreover, using LEDs will allow you to take into account different considerations such as distance, character size, font, resolution, and right communication method.

A treat to the sight

Consistent brightness is a common issue with fluorescent and neon signage. In time, these systems tend to become dimmer or, worse, refuse to fully light up. This is frustrating for any business owner as you want your business to always appear at its best and for your messages to be conveyed effectively. Fortunately, LED systems address this issue.

Because of LED’s efficient technology, illumination problems will be a thing of the past for your business. Not only that, with the impressive brightness and flexibility of LED lights, you can create brilliantly illuminated messages for your customers, which will be visible from a distance. Your goal is to stand out and grab people’s attention, and this can be easily accomplished with a LED message board.

Low maintenance

LEDs have become popular because of their energy-saving capacity. Not only that, a high-quality LED light can last for as long as 100,000 hours, which is 6 years longer than neon and fluorescent lights. Plus, LEDs can maintain the same level of brightness all throughout their lifespan unlike other lights, which tend to become dimmer as time goes on. Because of this, LED message boards have less maintenance requirements compared to other electronic visual devices. In addition, they do not contain gas or glass tubes which can cause leaks and breakage and they never burn out, either.

LED message boards are also cost-effective outdoor signs as they do not demand a lot of protection from the elements. And there are LED systems that are “waterproof”, which are ideal for extremely moist and humid areas. Moreover, they are also quite easy to clean.

Environment-friendly tool

Finally, LED message boards are good for the environment as they use 80% less energy. And, unlike the other light systems, LEDs do not contain any toxic gases.